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About Waistbeads 



Waist beads is an age old tradition since the 15th centuries that spread to several African countries. Many believe it originated in Ancient Egypt but the tradition was popularized by the Yoruba tribe.


Wearing waist beads are a part of tradition in African cultures. Traditions of wearing waist beads may vary from tribe to tribe which include but are not limited to: child labor, protection, puberty, medicine, spirituality, awakening, fertility, sexuality, support, status, strength, love and marriage. Many African women use the beads to represent a young woman's purity, nobility and righteousness.


Most waist beads are worn under clothing however waist beads can be worn visibly as a fashion statement. Some women wear them as an accessory to their outfit.


Waist beads have the ability to improve your self confidence, self esteem, and the perception of your self worth which can overall have a positive effect on your mental health. Waist beads can be used as a motivational tool for women who desire to lose weight. Some waist beads can have healing qualities through prayer or medical herbs and oil infused in them. The colors in your beads can be associated with a certain chakra energy within the body to help with healing.


Waist beads can be worn to enhance the sexual experiences between a romantic partner. Wearing waist beads during sexual intercourse can create a pleasurable experience and excite your lover.

Waist Training

Women often associate waist beads as a tool for body shaping. The beads can be used for monitoring your weight, enhancing your curves, distribution of your weight gain and also weight management. Waist beads assist with developing a curvy figure and can be worn to help women with maintaining their size and shape.

Weight loss and Weight gain

Waist beads can be used as a motivational tool to lose weight but wearing waist beads will not make you lose weight or gain weight. If you want to change your body and you need waist beads to help assist then you must incorporate a diet or workout plan. Waist beads can be used to help monitor your weight loss by tracking your progress. The beads roll up the waist with weight gain. If they become too tight and they have not broken, it can cause discomfort which then it is recommended to remove. As weight loss continues the beads will fall lower on your waist or they may fall completely off. You can add more beads as your body continues to develop and place them in certain areas that can further assist.

This strand of jewelry serves for all women of any type, shape and size. The trend of waist beads has become modernized but the purpose of waist beads continues to promote women empowerment. 

  • What's your return policy?
    All sales are final due to hygiene and the nature of our products. Peridot Soul is not responsible for strands tied incorrectly. Bead colors may vary by the color and setting of your display, screen, or perception. Please make sure you measure your waist correctly. Orders cannot be returned for resizing.
  • What are the payment options?
    Forms of payment are PayPal and credit or debit card.
  • What is your shipping policy?
    We use USPS first-class mail for shipping with tracking. Regular Orders Due to the Handmade Detailed Nature of our waist beads orders will ship within 7-10 business days from when you order (Monday-Friday) not including weekends. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped.
  • Where do I wear my waistbeads?
    The most comfortable way of wearing waist beads is under your belly, along your panty line. Some ladies wear their beads traditionally, under their clothes against their skin and other may wear them over their clothes, to adorn a long skirt or dress or against their skin while wearing a cropped top or low -rise jeans.
  • How do I tie my waistbeads?
    Wrap beads around Step 1 Wrap the full strand around your waist. Adjust the strand wherever you want it to hang and hold with your thumb. Remove excess beads Step 2 While holding with your finger, pull excess beads off the strand. You may save them or discard them. Step 3 Intertwine the string and tie 2-3 tight knots. Cut excess string with scissors.
  • Can I wear my waistbeads in the shower?
    Yes. You can wear waist beads in the shower and also while exercising however excessive water can weaken the string over time but they will still be durable. Also please be mindful that excess water can also change the color of the beads depending on which bead is worn on your body.
  • Will my waistbeads help me lose weight?
    Waist beads do help with weight loss and tracking your progress. The beads fall lower on your waist as you shed inches and pounds so you can visibly see your weight loss. Waist beads roll higher on your waist as you gain weight.
  • What happens if my beads break?
    It is natural for your waist beads to break off your body. Do not panic. You can try to save the beads to tie them back together or you may have to purchase a new one. Please be careful when attaching your beads unto your body and be mindful when they are on your body to prevent them from breaking off easily
  • How many waistbeads should I wear?
    You can wear as many waist beads as you would like depending on your intended purpose to put them on your body.
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